What is online Quran teaching?

The web based meeting and audio video software enables students to interact with real life teachers from any computer with internet access. By providing a human touch to computer education, we guide students personally in order to learn The Holy Qur’an effectively whilst providing an online learning experience through online interactive technology.

Is online Qur’an teaching helpful?

Our experience finds 1 to 1 online Qur’an teaching effective, engaging and useful.
Try your free trial session under no obligation to form your own opinion about its usefulness.

Are you providing these lessons from a CD or software?

This is a live service. So that means we are using web-site to provide information for our services. Actual teaching will be conducted by live person at agreed upon time. You can see some lessons like Qaida, Quran and Dua’s from the website. More over videos of Qari Khushi Muhammad Alazhari (in Urdu Language) are also added for practice after the class.

As a Student, How can I register?

We have a smooth, free flowing online registration process; alternatively, students can also register with us by calling any of our furnished phone numbers or through email. We have customer support staff who can guide the users with the registration process. After registration, we conduct a 1 week trial period where the students take classes without signing up and paying a tuition fee, after the end of the trial, the students can go forward with a paid signup and begin our classes on a regular basis.

What if we are not computer or internet expert users?

Our engineer will guide you and your child through the basic installation of the software. It takes less than a minute to be online and start taking classes. On-going live classes are conducted 7 days a week you need very basic familiarity with a computer and internet. You do not need any computer expertise to take lessons.

Do you only teach Quran?

No, we also teach the basics of Islam like Declarations/Kalimay, Salat/Prayer, hadith and Dua’s.
Do I need to pay for softwares?No you don’t need to pay even a single penny for these softwares . The audio softwares is skype and can be downloaded free of charges from The viusal software for meeting purpose will be provided and paid by the company. Our team will send you this software free of charge. So you don’t pay for any of the softwares.

How will I actually receive Quran lesson?

You will login in Skype account provided by our company.
Tutor will call student on computer through Skype and will be able to talk to each other just like telephone
Tutor and child will share the same lesson on their computer screens. Tutor will teach the lesson, student will read and tutor can correct any mistake made by the student.
Tutor will be able to point out the mistakes through highlighting them with lines and spotlight with the help of mouse.

What if I am waiting online and my tutor is not there?
Please, call on one of our tutoring center telephone number given by your tutor or click on CONTACT US

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